The TakeOver Generation Assembly also known as TOG Nation is called to reflect God’s glory on earth.

Our Services

We have Live broadcast of all of our services, You can tune in from anywhere in the world.

Sunday (Family Life Service) - 9AM WAT

We gather as family every sunday to listen to the undilluted word of God brought to us by our Spiritual leader ( Pastor David Kolawole Balogun )

Tuesdays (Bara Service) - 5PM WAT

Our weekly prayer meeting time is called Bara Session, where we come together and create our experiences in every area of our lives. Join us every Tuesdays by 5PM.

Thursdays ( Upsurge ) 5:30PM WAT

Join us in our Weekly Upsurge service, We enjoy special teaching on thursdays on every aspects our living.

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My prayer and believe is that, you are the Light of this generation, you are a solution provider, a city that is cherished and never hidden, if you haven’t yet started living in this reality, know that you can always be at the various weekly service where we teach on the word of God in this areas!

You can also connect to our Messages to really bring out this light in you!.

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We make our weekly teachings available for listen and download online after every service, be blessed and share with friends and family.

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    Pastor David Kolawole
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    We want to see reflectors in all sectors of the world. And this is why we have yearly events that bring us all together and further equip us in reflecting God's glory.


    Every year we bring best teachers from arround the world in a conference setting where we are all teached and further equiped to fulfill our lifes purposes.

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    We are obsessed with seeing reflectors in every sector in the world of business, and we do this by bringing best leaders in different sectors to teach us how they do it and share their story.

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    We believe a skillfull man or woman will stand before Kings and not mere men, so we regularly organize skill acquisition programs that equipes the individual who participates.

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    Our Pastors

    Blessed with pastors after Gods heart. Our spiritual Father and Mother go the extra mile to equip us for the greater good of our lives.

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    • S.R.V Events Center, Allong F-division rd, Tanke Ilorin Kwara State, Nigeria
    • +2348145961107
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